A cozy cafe

I’m Bert, and for 42 years I worked always with pleasure in a mental health institution with kids and young adults who experience all kind of mental and psychiatric issues. I could do this work for so long because all these youngsters had hearts of gold despite their issues. Most of them still had dreams for the future as big as there smiles.

During these 42 years, I have poured my heart and soul into the mental health working with these young people. But now, I have a dream for my own and I’m ready to go into an entirely other direction and start a new journey for myself. I love Romania and I want to start a small café in Bucharest (also nicknamed, Little Paris) to bring joy, comfort, and community to locals, turists and travelers in Romania.

Arc de Triumph

Arcul de Triumf (“The Triumphal Arch”) is a triumphal arch located on the Kiseleff Road, in the northern part of Bucharest, Romania

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